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We are very excited to share this news. Our good friends at Elixir Specialty Coffee have just announced us as one of their contributing roasters for the next release of the Elixir Subscription Service in the USA. Included in this series are highly respected roasters Intelligentsia, Portola, Copa Vida, Starbucks, and acknowledged thought leader, Scott Rao.

Below is a copy of the announcement released today to subscribers of the Elixir Subscription Service in the USA.

Elixir: "Looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee and unlike anything u've ever tasted before!"

".... we announced the upcoming roasters...

...for our U.S Elixir Subscription service (see picture above) on social media and have started working our way thought them, not in the order listed, and dang what a list!

Of course, we kicked off with wonderful roasters from Cat and Cloud Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz and then onto Copa Vida (Pasadena) last month with a delicious Ethiopia Wamena. This month we have the first natural of the list of coffee's we'll be Elixirfying and it's tasting absolutely sublime...roasted by Portola in Costa Mesa. Portola are also now officially Elixir Dealers too so you can now buy a ready to go jar in store!

Up till now we've had all Californian roasters...not next month though! Next month, we'll have our first Australian Roaster, Panorama Coffee, coming to the mix. While Panorama may be a newer brand to the Aussie scene, the roaster behind the name is none other than Sydney roasting legend Ernest Igual. Can't wait for you all to taste his coffee Elixirfied in the U.S and when we launch the subscription service in Australia.

And yes...you read right...Scott Rao will be roasting for Elixir one month and we will be buying beans off the shelf from Starbucks and Elixirfying it for our subscribers. If nothing else, this is going to show you how revealing Elixir is about roast profiles.

If you know someone on the subscription service and you've been thinking about getting on our subscription (after seeing these names why wouldn't you), hit them up and ask them for the secret code they were given. It gives you (and them if you use it) a discount for next month. You have to sign up by October 22nd though. If you don't know anyone on the subscription, email us and we'll put you in contact we someone you might know so you can share the code...and mean other awesome human!

Here's where you can see the 3 offerings for the subscription! https://www.elixirfy.me/collections/frontpage.

Happy Elixifying!!

Lee Safar Creator and CEO Elixir Specialty Coffee

p.s we'll leave you with an awesome "you know you've made it when" moment from Instagram. If you've never heard of Overheardla...do yourself a favour and check them out. It's so very LA!"

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