Brazil Paulo Sergio Lobo Lot #1

Brazil Paulo Sergio Lobo Lot #1

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Producer: Paulo Sergio Lobo

Farm: Ouro Verde

Region: São Sebastião do Paraíso, Minas Gerais

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Elevation: 1,080 – 1,200 masl

Process: Natural; Dried on patios and raised beds

Cupping notes: almond, cherry, milk chocolate

Paulo’s transformation into a coffee producer has had a couple of interesting turns. As a child, his grandfather was a great coffee producer in Sao Paulo state. The opportunity was there from a young age to be involved. Paulo, however, chose a different path. Graduating with a degree in Electronic Engineering, Paulo pursued a career in Information Technology instead.

Fate had other ideas, and when Paulo married into a coffee producing family, his evolution began. Today, Paulo is 100% dedicated to the management of Ouro Verde Farm. Utilising his Engineering skills, Paulo has transformed Ouro Verde into a controlled, technology driven operation while maintaining the traditions that have characterised it through several generations.

Ouro Verde is located in an ideal, coffee growing region blessed with a micro-climate conducive for producing high quality specialty coffee. Together with Paulo’s innovations and meticulous post-harvest processing, 90% of Ouro Verde’s production qualifies as specialty coffee. An enviable statistic!

Of the lots we sampled, this Lot #1 impressed us most. Milk chocolate, almond and cherry notes delivered syrupy and sweet like panela. This micro-lot is bound to be popular, especially for those who enjoy heavy bodied coffees.